We are what other cleaners want to be

We use enzymes, microorganisms, that replace the chemical load with a biological load, which degrades the organic matter.

The Biotechnology eliminates the hazard raw material and boost the degreasing and sanitising power of the enzymes to develop safe, efficient and easy to use products

WeTKare Multi-surface and 1 Dose Sprayer

Sustainability and cost saving


Reduce waste. You only need two bottles to clean your house. Plus you will only through one plastic bottle no 50.

💧 Water:

Use only the water you need. Avoid dry wetlands and rivers by packaging and transport water.

It is transported by herself.

🚚 Pollution:

1L bottle of Multi-surface help to avoid transporting up to 100kg of plastic and water. WeTKare Floor-cleaner just weighs 250g, no 2kg, like others.

Do your maths!

💶 Money:

Feel free to calculate, and you will realize that with each WeTKare bottle you avoid waste money and the nature around you

WeTKare Aluminium sprayers

Why WeTKare?

We love to TaKe care of the planet, we want to empower the society to lead to a healthier, simpler and more sustainable lifestyle by improving our consumption habits.

Sustainability: We strive to minimise our environmental impact and move forward to sustainable products

Common sense: Single-use increases all economical and environmental costs. 


This is your chance. Be sustainable and reduce single-use

Who is WeTKare?

WeTKare is a small business that with the huge help of friends, family, and a lot of people, who want to keep the world as a great place to live.

My name is Javier, and I am the owner and founder of WeTKare born and raised in Madrid, as many others moved abroad after university to get international experience. I started recycling paper and glass, but the more I read and inform myself on pollution and climate change, the more I realized that changes needed to happen more urgently! 

I am convinced, simple changes have a big impact on our environment, what will improve our health and life quality. Because to be ecological isn’t all, I want to inspire everyone to reduce waste and switch to a mindful consumption habits through manageable sustainable alternatives while protecting our planet.

WeTKare was created with the intention to unify sustainable products and services but in my research, there was only ecological household cleaning product, however, I had the opportunity to find a great laboratory with a presence around the world with the same mentality, so with their experience, I decided to start with WeTKare household cleaners, Multi-surface and Floor-cleaner, and with your support, we will expand our ranges.

The products you will find at WeTKare are easy swaps you can make to replace the disposable products we use daily.

Hoping I answered the question, please feel free to contact me if you ever have ideas, encouragement, product suggestions or additional inquiries. I’d love to hear from you!

Have great day




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