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Suitable for all washable surfaces

(Kitchen, bathroom, furniture, glass, ovens, exteriors…) just use the right dose

You put the limits!




Suitable for all washable surfaces

(Kitchen and utensils, bathroom, furniture, mirrors, windows, extractors, exteriors…)


You put the limits!

Multi-surface: IL / 1 dose 20 ml

Why is it unic?

1 Dose =

Up to 50 bottles

Price per bottle = 0´50€

Other cleaners 2€

1 DOSE web
1:2 Dose web

1/2 Dose =

Up to 100 bottles

Price per bottle = 0´25€

Other cleaners 2€

How it works?

Before we start, remember!

enzymes work better with lukewarm water

Do NOT open the lid, Turn up side down the bottle to fill the dose

Apply the right dose with a fast move

3Paso: GIF WeTKare rellena la botella

Fill up your WeTKare bottle with tap water

You are ready!

**Spray the area and leave the enzymes to act for few seconds.

**Heavy stains leave the cleaner act for some minutes.

**Wipe the surface to remove the dirt and the excess product

Kitchen & Bathroom

Daily dirt and grease of all elements and utensils

Baño y cocina

2 Doses if you consider needing something stronger

1 Dose In your WeTKare Sprayer

White back 1 Dose Sprayer

Open the lid and turn the bottle UP side DOWN in a FAST move

Furniture, mirrors, windows and other surfaces

Daily used


1/2 Dose   (7 to 10 ml)
in your WeTKare sprayer

White back 1/2 dose sprayer

Turn slightly the bottle to pour just 7 to 10 ml

Campana extractora, horno y exteriores

Heavy soiled

Ovens, smoke extractors, outdoors, etc.

Dissolve up to 3 or 4 doses in your WeTKare sprayer 

How to use it

Follow the instructions display on each bottle, in the bottom “Instruction” or click “here”.

1 – Spray with your WeTKare sprayer directly on the surface you want to clean.

2 – Leave the enzymes do them work a few seconds

3 – Wipe with a clean, dry or lightly wet piece of fabric.

4 – There is no need to rinse with plenty of water. Leave the enzymes to continue them job.

** If the dirt persist, shoot with your 1 Dose sprayer and leave the enzymes work longer. After a while wipe the area.

It does not contain hard components, to avoid as much as posible any damage on surfaces.

Remember: WeTKare multi-surface is concentrate.  Respect the recommended dose, dissolve and excess of product might avoid we get the desire result. We advise you to start applying a small quantity and increase if its necessary.

Less is MORE

Contact us for any question:

Bear in mind WeTKare Multi-Surface is concentrate. Use the recommended dose for max efficiency and avoid wasting it.

Our Multi-surface is harsh chemicals free. If you apply it directly, or it falls on any surface just rinse with a bit of water and wipe.

Once empty, rinse out the bottle thoroughly with lukewarm water before starting again with a new refill.

WeTKare cleaning products have a compact design and easy to save.  Keep your bottles in a fresh place out of direct light, heaters with an average temperature of 19º and not bellow 5ºC.

Keep your WeTKare ready sprayers preferable in side home to maintain them with a better temperature.

Leave your cleaning bottles out of reach of children


Yes, our multi purpose is totally safe when used as a surface spray cleaner. Always store your sprays out of reach of children and animals.

Biotechnology is the key, They are made from natural enzymes. 

Our Multi-surface product does not use any essence.  This cleaner is suitable to clean the house including kitchen utensils and after years of testing we have considered not uses fragrances to avoid any kind of residue.

Our multi-purpose spray is suitable for all water-cleanable surfaces, treated wood and stone, painted or glazed surfaces, plastic surfaces, worktops, tiles, showers, basins, baths and toilets, glass and mirrored surfaces including shower screens etc. Just follow the use instructions. We also recommend in case of doubt test it in a similar surface or in a hidden side.

WeTKare Multi-surface cleaner has very stable and effective biological active ingredients. After dissolve the dose in water and use it, store in a cool, dry place away from heat, and it will last enough to finish it. But keep in mind, the product is designed to mix and use, not for stock.

WeTKare sprays have been formulated to work in hard and soft water areas as soon as you use clean, and preferable lukewarm water.

WeTKare cleaner’s bottles are designed to be compact and easily to store. 

Keep your bottles in a cool dry place preferable away from direct sunlight, heaters or heat and not below 5ºC.  Although we recommend keep them no bellow 19ºC for more efficiency.

Always ensure your WeTKare bottles are stored safely out of reach of children.

We have enhanced the the degreasing and sanitising power of BIOenzymes thanks to the Biotechnology




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