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WeTKare is the start-up that has managed to bring sustainability thanks to its concentrated formula to an almost forgotten sector: home cleaning.


The firm has taken into account both the composition of its products and its spare parts systems, including only the essentials. These decisions, in addition to respecting the environment, mean savings for the company both in packaging and transport that in the long run have an impact on a better price for the consumer.

This firm of cleaning products proposes a unique concentrated formula based on enzymes whose degreasing and sanitizing properties are enhanced thanks to biotechnology, avoiding the use of aggressive and harsh chemicals with the environment to achieve an efficient and truly sustainable cleaning at home.

In addition, these products do not emit harmful gases (0% VOC), which are present in most cleaning products, ammonia, bleach or perfumes. In the case of your

Multi-surfaces, they have even opted for a product practically free of residues and without aromas to also avoid as much as possible allergic reactions and their possible consequences

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A sustainable cleaning of our home is one in which products formulated from ingredients that are effective are used, avoiding causing negative impact on the environment and health.

In addition, WeTKare seeks to improve consumption habits and minimize the use of plastic and waste of water. Therefore, it proposes a better option than even cleaning with vinegar and lemon.

Although vinegar and lemon are good options for cleaning, WeTKare products have a much more sustainable production process since it requires a much lower expenditure of water.

On the other hand, although vinegar is a great disinfectant, it is also true that it leaves a strong residual odor in addition to being quite corrosive and can damage many surfaces. To this is added that it is packaged mainly in plastic bottles.

WeTKare has two products in its range: a multi-surface and a floor cleaner.

The Multi-surface is suitable for all types of space or surface, from glasses to ovens. Being a concentrated formula, you will only use the necessary dose in the sprayer, mixing it with warm water to enhance the action of the enzymes. The brand recommends using half a dose for cleaning furniture and glass, and a dose for bathrooms and kitchen, and you can increase the doses when very dirty surfaces occur. 

The bottle of the Multi-surface is 1L and each dose is 20 ml, so it can last up to a year avoiding buying more products and throwing away up to 100 bottles a year, in addition to the savings in the transport of 100 Kg of water and plastic thus reducing 90% of CO2 emissions.

WeTKare Multi-Surface
WeTKare Floor-Cleaner

In the case of  the 250 ml floor cleaner, simply apply the dose directly to the water bucket (3-5L), and you can clean all types of floors, including parquet and marble. Its formula is equally concentrated, so you will have service for up to 250 buckets of water.

New customers who purchase one of their KIT will have included WeTKare’s aluminum sprayers or diffusers, an infinitely recyclable material. Then you will only have to buy the refills that will  go in a  recycled cardboard packaging, and even reuse their own boxes that are in good condition. And they do well, why throw them away?

WeTKare Sprayers

With each WeTKare bottle you are saving money and protecting the nature around us.

WeTKare is Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly.  Neither the brand nor its suppliers test their products on animals, and it is a member of Friends For The Earth, a global community of sustainable brands that champion the circular economy with the aim of promoting environmental sustainability and green culture.

He is also a member of Plastic Pollution Coalition, is a finalist of the Beyond Plastic Awards, and is in the process of getting the Ecolabel that we already talked about here.

When a start-up or a company does things well, sooner rather than later the results end up coming. Chance is in a distant place when WeTKare is part of groups so well worked in sustainable matters and is about to receive the aforementioned awards.

You can buy the products online or contact WeTKare to find out which is your nearest store. If you are a business you can also contact them at the same address: WeTKare Store

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